Ready to stop stressing out about your email inbox? Excellent. Let's do it.

This self-led course is for you if:

  • You have an email account.
  • You feel stressed when you open your inbox.
  • You want to respond to emails quicker (or, like, at all).
  • You feel like you spend too much time on email.
  • You want some tough love & encouragement.

This self-led course is NOT for you if:

  • You are already in a great place with email.
  • You are not in a great place with email but don't care.
  • You are dealing exclusively with a corporate work or shared email account (it's possible this class will help but I can't guarantee it).

About Elise

I have had email since the dial up days. (You could find me at, of course). I have loved my inbox and hated it. Now, I am in a better place and have NO FEELINGS about it. Email is a communication tool and my inbox is there to do a job.

I can get you to this place too.

(Aside from email I have a normal life where I enjoy knitting, sewing, my kids, podcasts and books! I also wrote a book, Big Dreams, Daily Joys all about goal-setting, productivity and getting things done.)

What's in the course?

Lesson 1: Consider | what's the goal here?

Lesson 2: Assess | what's in your inbox?

Lesson 3: Clear | yep, time to archive

Lesson 4: Unsubscribe | I know, it's harder than it sounds, I'll walk you through it

Lesson 5: Sort | control the flow

Lesson 6: Prepare | be ready for what's coming in

Lesson 7: Decide | yep, I have life tips as well as email tips

Lesson 8: Prioritize | not all emails are created equal

Lesson 9: Streamline | you can send better email too

Lesson 10: Practice | make this a habit shift


  • 10 written lessons
  • a step-by-step guide for getting control of your number one communication tool
  • includes sample emails and template copy
  • self-paced and your access will never expire
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed. If you read through the course and realize this is not the class for you, I'll process a complete refund, no questions asked

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